Adobe After Effects Keyboard Stickers | All Keyboards | QWERTY UK, US


Compatible with 

All keyboards.
The Miuxe Adobe After Effects keyboard stickers are compatible with Adobe After Effects 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7.0 and all versions of CS.


Keyboard - UK, US layout.
Glare-Free Vinyl Keyboard Stickers.

Highly Recommended for

Experts and beginners alike working with Adobe After Effects.
Work quickly and efficiently on Adobe After Effects with Miuxe keyboard stickers.

Easy to use

These keyboard stickers are great way to learn After Effects embedded key commands quickly. Icons and text are designed for improved readability. Colouring gives logical key command grouping for ease of use.
 The Miuxe Adobe After Effects keyboard stickers set has 57 coloured stickers + 11 stickers for numeric keypad.

Excellent quality

Digital printing materials are distinguished by their excellent processing properties. In addition, films are extremely durable, retaining their function over a long time period. 
Miuxe stickers are printed on a matte vinyl films to prevent glare on the keyboard.
And each sticker is covered with special protective varnish.
Printed in the EU.
In the larger amount or wholesale please write to 

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